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2nd January
written by leiabox

Date watched: January 2, 2011
Location: Friend’s House
Format: Blu-ray
Winter's Bone

I had missed this at SxSW and during its theatrical release; silly, silly me. This was POWERFUL stuff. Any praise that Jennifer Lawrence gets is well-deserved. 2010 had some seriously tough female leads…this is one of the best. The film feels extremely authentic. I really look forward to seeing Debra Granik’s Down to the Bone very soon.

I do wish that Sam Smith‘s design (above) would have been used for the dvd/blu release.

Double Feature Idea: This & Wonderful Wild White of West Virginia

Winter’s Bone on IMDB

2011 Tally
New: 5
Rewatch: 1
Total: 6

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  1. Josh

    “Is this gonna be our time?” is the new “I’ll just get my gear”.

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