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30th September
written by leiabox

Another Fantastic Fest has ended…perhaps the morning after the closing night party is not the best time to reflect; as it is all still a blur. This was my fifth FF and I have to say that is is probably the most solidly programmed year yet. Although there aren’t as many “my new favorite” standouts this year (Fish Story, Love Exposure, etc…), I also didn’t run into any films that I completely abhorred.

As always, the best part of the fest is spending 8 days with old and new friends making ourselves crazy with film, food & beverage overloads. The confluence of Drafthouse regulars, out-of-towners who are staples of the fest, and Twitter acquaintances turned IRL friends provides the best energy imaginable.

The days quickly flew by. Now, I get to dive into the experience of the past week…in list form (hurrah!).

Films Seen – 34 (in chronological order)

  1. Michael
  2. Kill Me Please
  3. Human Centipede 2
  4. Penumbra
  5. Milocrorze
  6. Invation of Alien Bikini
  7. Extraterrestrial
  8. Livid
  9. New Kids Turbo
  10. Calibre 9
  11. You Said What?
  12. Last Screening
  13. The Yellow Sea
  14. Can’t Post Title Until October
  15. Take Shelter
  16. Underwater Love
  17. Rabies
  18. Juan of the Dead
  19. Bullhead
  20. Aardvark
  21. Beyond the Black Rainbow
  22. Sleepless Night
  23. Boys on the Run
  24. Smuggler
  25. Snowtown
  26. Manborg
  27. Retreat
  28. Sleep Tight
  29. Summerland
  30. A Lonely Place to Die
  31. Paranormal Activity 3
  32. Blind
  33. The Stoker
  34. Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan’s Hope

My Top 5

  • Bullhead
  • The Yellow Sea
  • Livid
  • Snowtown
  • Michael

The Bottom 3

  • Paranormal Activity 3
  • Calibre 9
  • Retreat

Biggest Misses

  • You’re Next
  • Headhunters
  • Seeing our bumper [Bibliophile] with an audience – Take Shelter went over after starting 45 minutes late. The only bumper I missed was our own. 🙁

Most Giggles

  • Manborg – After Snowtown, this was the most perfect possible movie to catch. The maniacal giggles from the audience were infectious. Manborg taught me a new, and now favorite, word…

Favorite New Word

  • Shenanigrams – See above.

Favorite Moments

  • Meaty Meetup at SaltLick before the Fest – A whole lotta film nerds in one place.
  • Don’t Save Seats!!! – Was it a volunteer power trip? Did someone actually get into a fight over saved seats? Who knows.
  • Closing Night Party – Drunk guy in the pool who shorted out half the lights, yet never even noticed – we love you.

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