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2nd January
written by leiabox

Also known as: Tennen shôjo Man next: Yokohama hyaku-ya hen
Date watched: January 1, 2011
Location: Friend’s House
Format: DVD
N-Girls Vs Vampires

This is one of Takashi Miike’s many made-for-tv creations, which can be VERY hit or miss. Released cheapest essay writing service the same year as Dead or Alive and Audition! I liked this overall, but felt that the 3+ hour run time could have easily had the fat trimmed by up to an hour. Some kick-ass girl power moments that I would have loved to see more of.

Marathon Idea: Miike Extreme Primer with Happiness of the Katakari’s, Audition, Dead or Alive & Ichi the Killer

N-Girl Vs. Vampire on IMDB

2011 Tally
New: 3
Rewatch: 1
Total: 4

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