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6th January
written by leiabox

Date watched: January 5, 2011
Location: BKs
Format: DVD
Event: Horror Movie Night

De Lift

The first Horror Movie Night of 2011 brought us a tale of a killer…elevator? Yup, this was some good stuff. Horrible (horribly awesome) dubbing was the highlight of this experience.

Drinking game: drink a beverage of your choice every time you hear the word “chip”.

Watch this with: Dick Maas’ Amsterdamned (mid-year HMN selection that I have yet to see, but it HAS to be good, right?)

De Lift on IMDB
De Lift (The Lift) [VHS] on Amazon

2011 Tally
New: 8
Rewatch: 2
Total: 10

5th January
written by leiabox

Date watched: January 4, 2011
Location: Home
Format: Netflix Instant
Ex Drummer

I missed this movie at Fantastic Fest 2008; I made the right decision at the time. This basic story line follows a punk band made up of “disabled” miscreants (disabilities include a stiff arm & lisp) as they prepare for a battle of the bands-style contest. Some moments are very beautifully executed. Sadly those moments don’t last and are washed away by continual gimmicky editing. The film tries very hard to be pretentious, but doesn’t have the intelligence to deliver.

Ex Drummer on IMDB
Ex Drummer on Amazon

2011 Tally
New: 7
Rewatch: 1
Total: 8