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11th January
written by leiabox

Date watched: January 7, 2011
Location: Home
Format: Netflix Instant
Event: Nicolas Cage’s Birthday

Amos and Andrew

We’ve talked for quite some time of an elaborate night called CAGEMATCH. There will be debates, a referee in short shorts, a bust of Nic Cage & all the horrible Cage films one could want. This night will happen…someday.

In the meantime, we decided to see what Cage films were on Netflix instant & chose this one. Netflix said that I would give it a 1.7 rating. Netflix was very generous.

The gist of the movie: White people do this. Black people do that. Shame on everyone involved with this film. Not even enjoyably bad.

Nic Cage to Watch Instead: Raising Arizona, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Wild at Heart

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2011 Tally
New: 9
Rewatch: 2
Total: 11