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14th April
written by leiabox

I love New York. I love food. These two things go so well together. We go often enough that the list of “must haves” on every trip grows, while the “must try” grows as quickly. The result? A viagra canadian pharmacy lot of eating during every trip. What have I missed?

Must Have Every Trip
Rice to Riches – All rice pudding all the time! Many flavors are available with toppings. The bowls & spoons have an original design. If it’s a nice day, take it to the playground across the street to enjoy.

Mei Li Wah Bakery – The BEST pork buns I’ve ever had. Very cheap as well ($.85 ea). Have with a cup of coffee for a mid-day snack.

Dean & DeLuca – I love the baked goods here. A quick sandwich is a great thing sometimes while running around in the city. It may have something to do with my obsession with grocery stores, but this place is a must-visit every time.

Other Places I’ve Loved

Christie’s Jamaican Patties – Wonderful, spicy Jamaican food in Brooklyn. Try it if you’re in the neighborhood.

Clinton St Baking Company – Go here for brunch that will change you. Everything on the menu is fantastic. Super popular place, so you must get in line before they open on the weekends, if you hope to get breakfast.

Grimaldi’s – Pretty damn awesome all-around. Expect to wait in line, but it’s all worth it. I would definitely keep with smaller groups, as the space is pretty tight.

Luke’s Lobster – This was my first lobster roll & I think I may be ruined for any other. Fresh Maine lobster brought in daily and served on perfectly grilled bread. Dear god, this stuff is amazing.

Momofuku Milk Bar – May officially move into the “must have” group. The pork buns are fabulous with their fresh bread & delicious pork belly. The crack pie and cereal milk ice creams are the real draw for this place. Fruit Loop Cereal Milk ice cream? Yesssss!

Pies ‘N’ Thighs – Fried chicken and pies in Williamsburg – the hipsterest of hipsterville. Worth the trip.

Tom’s Diner – In Prospect Heights, Brooklyn during breakfast? EAT HERE! We were fortunate enough to stay near hear on one of our trips & went almost every morning. Lemon ricotta blueberry pancakes, egg creams & grits to DIE FOR!

11th April
written by leiabox

This is part of the “Food cialis pills in…” series. My main goal when traveling (or even when at home in Austin) is to try as many new (or return to old favorite) foods.

We spent the past weekend on mini-vacation in Dallas. Here is a list of restaurants & the dishes I tried at each.

Creme de la Cookie
Whoopie pie, OMG chocolate chip cookie with nuts, yellow cakeball with chocolate – ALL AMAZING! Will go back here.

Bubble tea place that has pop boba (imagine little round plasticy balls filled with juice or yogurt that pop). They were out of real tapioca when we went, which is a bad sign for a boba joint. Overall, very disappointing.
pop boba

The Grape
Sunday brunch. Texas Monthly #1 burger in the state, fried chicken biscuit sandwich. The burger was solid w/ great bun, cooked perfectly medium rare (upon my request), yummy pickles. Don’t know if I would call it the best burger in the state, but it was tasty. Very good ambiance, food & service. Loved the neighborhood. Make reservations.
No 1 Burger

Rise no.1
Souffle heaven. The crab, truffled mushroom & chocolate souffles were all spectacular. The service was god-awful. I would probably still go back.
Crab Souffle

Near the Belmont Hotel, which is one of my favorite hotels of all time. We eat a meal at Smoke every time we’re in Dallas & it’s always impressive. This time our meal of choice was brunch. We had the homemade ricotta blueberry pancakes & the pulled pork benedict. Both were wonderful. We’ll go back the next time we’re in town.
Pulled Pork BenedictHouse made ricotta blueberry pancakes

Victor Tango’s
Dinner. Chicken & mini waffles, crab mac & cheese and hanger steak were fantastic. The salmon was ok. My favorite part of the meal was my passionfruit gimlet; so good.
Hanger Steak

Outside of food, we:

  • Saw two films at the Dallas International Film Fest (The Last Circus & Beautiful Boy). It wasn’t the best run festival I’ve attended, but we were able to get in without having to have passes/badges; a refreshing change from SxSW or Fantastic Fest insanity.
  • Did some shopping at Dolly Python (one of the best thrift stores I’ve been to. Bought a fantastic figure.) & We Are 1976 (quirky, Japanese toys & great art. We bought a print).
    2 dollar bunny