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5th January
written by leiabox

Date completed: January 3, 2011
Author: Michael Davis
Format: Book

Street Gang

Also known around my house as “that goddamn Sesame Street book”. I help me with my homework was frustrated, if you can’t tell, that a book on a subject I care about was as difficult to enjoy. This book is DENSE with information. I have not read anything this academic since college. The creation of the show is a fascinating topic & is covered in detail in Street Gang. The downfall is in the narrative structure. The reader is introduced to name after name, with tangential story lines that snake along the pages.

By the end, Names appeared that I could not recall. No doubt there was a lot going on, but it could have been better structured.

Made me want to watch: The Dark Crystal [Blu-ray], The Best of the Electric Company, The Muppet Movie – Kermit’s 50th Anniversary Edition & Sesame Street: Old School, Vol. 1 (1969-1974)

Street Gang: The Complete History of Sesame Street

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