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3rd January
written by leiabox

Also known as: Joshuu 701-gô: Sasori
Date watched: January 3, 2011
Location: Home
Format: DVD
Female Priosoner 701 Scorpion
This is the first of the Pinky Violence films on my list. It was testing to see if it’s a genre to dig deeper into. I absolutely adored this film. The production design is very interesting…sometimes feeling like a stage, but other times designed especially for the camera. There were very basic Women in Prison exploitation elements, but also a lot of female empowerment and vengeance that created a well-rounded story. I’m definitely going to watch more Pinky Violence this year.

Double Feature: Watch this right before Shion Sono’s wonderful 4-hour Love Exposure, for better understanding of Ms. Scorpion (on the right).

Scorpion from Female Prisonermiss scorpion from love exposure

Female Prisoner #701 Scorpion on IMDB
Female Prisoner #701 – Scorpion on Amazon

2011 Tally
New: 6
Rewatch: 1
Total: 7